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Watch clips we shot for the team from 3 Alliances, an American production company based in LA for their TV show Andiamo!

What exactly is andiamo?

Simply put, "andiamo" is an Italian phrase for "let's go." How apropos of a name for this multiple award-winning series - certainly, boredom is non-existent as you journey the globe with the very fashionable and adventurous Donna Perkins as your host. Every episode Donna travels around the world showcasing unique destinations, culture, fantastic dining, outstanding hotels / resorts, the world's greatest airlines, cruises, exciting adventure and more.

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Who Are We ?

James Iles, who is British, is the key founder of Mufasa, named after the last King of the Bagada people in Africa, Kenya, where James was born. Our key objective is to offer our clients the same high level of production expertise and service as they would expect in the UK. Now reaching three years since founding the company, we have worked with many clients including Bangkok Hospital, the Department of Drainage and Sewerage, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Suvarnabhumi Airport. We produced “James Home & Office”, a TV show about DIY, on the cable channel MangoTV and regularly work with Thai channel such as TPBS. We also work for other production houses in the Bangkok area and abroad who require our expertise. We specialise in High Definition video and use cameras that are approved by the Discovery HD channel and BBC (HD). Our kit is excellent for all your needs. Mufasa wants to be your first choice for your video production needs in Bangkok and all over Thailand. Our producers speak English, French, Chinese and Thai and are ready to help you.

Products & Services

We cover the full spectrum of video and TV commercial production, and can create a high quality, professional video from start to finish. In addition, we also provide first class camera teams (We can also provide lights and wireless microphones) and editing services for our clients. We work tapeless which bring post-production to a fast and efficient process. We are flexible to any type of work including corporate, video presentation, TV Commercial, TV production, documentary, making of or even news journalism. Please contact us today to discuss your next project.