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Blackmagic Cameras (the Pocket) and other cameras too!

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Blackmagic Pocket

It seems that the Blackmagic Pocket Camera is now officially released and is being distributed as I type. Perhaps not everyone can get hold of a Pocket immediately but well done to Blackmagic for making this deadline. However, their 4K camera has not made the original date but will be available soon. The good news though, is that the 2.5K Blackmagic camera has had a price slash!

Now I just do have a suspicion that Canon will have to do something about these leaps given to consumers and professionals by Blackmagic. Will we get a Canon 5D with true RAW recording abilities natively in the Canon firmware? At present many have high hopes for Magic Lantern and I do too.

What will Magic Lantern do?

But mainly my hopes for Magic Lantern are with my 650D which is a bit of an “ugly duckling” for the Canon lineup being “abandoned” by Canon very quickly. There is though a firmware update for the Canon 650D but doesn’t bring anything special to the camera. I hope very much that Magic Lantern will complete their work for the 650D and then I can start recording with some better formats. It may improve the image recording significantly to make me satisfied. I currently am not happy with the performance in low light of the 650D and my Sony EX3 makes very crystal clear recordings.

The Blackmagic Pocket is a remarkable camera. However, the Canon 5D is a brand name that clients are asking for. It is a fantastic camera and if this is what clients know and ask for, then that is where I have to go. I plan to purchase a Canon 5D Mark III camera as the Mufasa back up camera for shoots with our Sony EX3.

Sony EX3 Camera Failure

When shooting the AustCham video about Hotel General Managers, we ran into a technical problem. The Sony service centre diagnosed that the power switch was worn out. We’d been shooting so much with this beloved camera! Anyway, we had another camera available but a full time back up would provide us the edge over our competitors.

That backup should be a Canon 5D because it is small and mobile. It also means that we can use the Sony EX3 as a backup to the Canon 5D. The next step would be to make audio recording on the Canon 5D excellent and I’ve been looking at the Tascam DR-60. I like that device and perhaps it can be useful for the Sony EX3 also. For better image recording, I am also considering the Samurai Blade. That would also work nicely with the Sony EX3 and open up 4:2:2 recording capability. It’s an all round positive step forward!

And finally, where does the Blackmagic Pocket fit into all this? Well, it’s an amazing camera. It is a camera I desire to own and it will change the future. I believe we will start to see more and more cameras have RAW video recording capabilities because of Blackmagic and the Pocket. These are revolutionary products!

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