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Simply put, "andiamo" is an Italian phrase for "let's go." How apropos of a name for this multiple award-winning series - certainly, boredom is non-existent as you journey the globe with the very fashionable and adventurous Donna Perkins as your host. Every episode Donna travels around the world showcasing unique destinations, culture, fantastic dining, outstanding hotels / resorts, the world's greatest airlines, cruises, exciting adventure and more.

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Mufasa Bangkok Video Production March 2013 Update

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Welcome to a quick update about the latest news at Mufasa. We have been very busy with our clients, which include Thammasat University, Hoerbiger, TCIS (Thai Chinese International School), Rebel Films (Australia), Baboon Filmes (Brazil) and many others. This keeps us extremely busy.

We are currently working on making our Facebook page more active. You can visit our Facebook page at Please “like” our page. Thank you.

Recently we purchased a teleprompter. The original brand is the Autocue. This is to improve our services offered to corporate clients. I believe this would have been very useful when we were shooting for D’Eng Club for their corporate video clip. There was a lot of talking to camera and revising scripts in short time frames is not easy for the D’Eng team when their main duties are teaching children English.

Our Glidecam HD4000 has been getting some action. We constructed a quick release plate fixture and have been doing a lot of shooting tests with different cameras including: Canon 650D, Canon 7D and the Canon 5D.

We also have added one LED light to our lighting kit. This doesn’t sound like much but it is a start. LED lights make a lot of difference when shooting interviews. Often, we must turn off the air conditioning which makes everyone get hot. With tungsten lights and at 800 watts, rooms can heat up very quickly. The LED lighting should help keep locations cool during interviews when there is no air conditioning turned on.

Our three interns from Nakhon Pathom finished at the end of February and they had a successful run here for five months. We wish them all the best of luck with completing their studies. One intern has already been enrolled into the camera department for more training.

There is a lot happening and a lot more to happen. We aim to provide some of the best video production services in Bangkok and Thailand. The whole Mufasa team look forward to working on many exciting projects this year!

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