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Watch clips we shot for the team from 3 Alliances, an American production company based in LA for their TV show Andiamo!

What exactly is andiamo?

Simply put, "andiamo" is an Italian phrase for "let's go." How apropos of a name for this multiple award-winning series - certainly, boredom is non-existent as you journey the globe with the very fashionable and adventurous Donna Perkins as your host. Every episode Donna travels around the world showcasing unique destinations, culture, fantastic dining, outstanding hotels / resorts, the world's greatest airlines, cruises, exciting adventure and more.

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Why we choose XDCAM

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We, at Mufasa company, take the quality issue very seriously. By choosing XDCAM we could not go wrong. It already prove itself on many important movies and TV productions. Professionally recognized, XDCAM offers great HD video and sound quality and easy going  production and post-production process thanks to their solid state media card, the tapeless system allowing to review clips straightaway and simply copy the footage on laptop without any long trans-coding and/or capture.

Here is a non exhaustive list of  productions that have been in theaters or on TV using the PMW-EX1 or PMW-EX3 that we both own (actually EX1R that is a smart upgrade of the already successful EX1) :

Battle: Los Angeles (2010) – Sony EX3 – cemetery scene and downtown LA backgrounds.
Public Enemies (2009) – Sony CineAlta F23, with EX1 for the car interiors.
This is It (2009) – 90% Sony EX1 with Red One scenes added later.
District 9 (2009) – Red One with EX1 in the hand held scenes.
Crank High Voltage (2009) – Canon XH-A1 and HF10; Sony EX1 (in monster scenes)
Monsters (2010) Entirely shot with Sony PMW-EX3 with Letus Ultimate.
Kinks (2011) a mockumentary style feature film using the EX1R.
Kerberos (2010) XDCAM EX1
Maelstrom (2008) XDCAM EX1
Bomber (2009) XDCAM EX1
S.N.U.B. (2010) EX1 movie produced in the UK.
Megaconda (2009) Sony EX1 with Letus Extreme.
Dire Wolf (2008) PMW EX1 with Letus Extreme as B camera.
Quantum of Solace [James Bond] (2008) Behind the scene shot with EX1.

La Bohème (Short) EX3 by Werner Herzog for the English National Opera.
2008 Olympic coverage included four PMW-EX1s.

Dexter (TV) – Camera: Sony F23 and EX1 Camcorder (Season 3 onward)
Animal Planet (TV) (2008) Faithful Friends episode, three EX3s.
MTV’s “The Real World” (TV) (2009) EX1 in some shots.
PBS Frontline (TV) (2009) Opening shots with PMW-EX1 and Letus Ultimate
Russian Hour (TV) 17-part documentary series, EX1 (2008)
Parallel World (TV) UK travel documentary series, EX1
Dirt Trax (TV) US and Canada, EX1 (2009)
SnowTrax (TV) US and Canada, EX1 (2009)
Leverage (TV) Entire TNT series used the Red One and EX1.
Road Wars (TV) UK EX1
Antarctica: The White Desert (TV) UK documentary shot on EX1 (2009)
MTV’s “The World according to Jenks” (TV) EX3 in some shots.
GameTrailersTV (TV) uses the EX1 (2010)
La fille au fond du verre à saké (TV) Sony EX3 – France (2009)

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